We have been overwhelmed by the positive response that we have received and the overall sense of charity people have exhibited.  I really want to refrain from naming people specifically (there are simply to many people who have contributed to name them all), but simply wanted to extend special thanks to all of our friends, business partners, families, clients, co-workers and colleagues that have so generously opened their pocketbooks and wallets in the spirit of charity and selflessness.   I also want to specifically acknowledge the efforts of all of the volunteers that comprise our team: Ian, Alishia, Suzanne, Nick, Russ, Lee and of course Carolyn for everything they have done and continue to do to help our families get their lives back in order.


I wanted to give everyone a sense of where things stand with the organization – we have been at this for a little over 3 weeks now so – we have had our highs and lows as all organizations do as they get going, but I thought I would share a few really great stories and a few successes with the group (of course you can follow most of this on our website and facebook page as well)

December 8 we will be having a fundraiser at George Keeley’s – a bar located in NYC at 485 Amsterdam – from 2:00 – 8:00pm – the owner has committed that all proceeds from the door will go toward our relief efforts (sponsored by Ommegang Brewery and Bluepoint Brewing Co).  Stop by for a beer – our team will be there. You can RSVP and find directions to the event here: http://on.fb.me/Xf0KBJ

Family Updates
  • The Warmbier Family – Our best success story yet – The family, initially displaced off of Staten Island, is now all together living in a new rental in Staten Island.  With the tireless support of the Reinmann family they were able to replace their lost car, help settle into a new apartment, replace most of the necessities that they lost and get back on their feet again.  This is exactly why we started this organization. 
  • The Owens Family – While still living in a shelter (believe me we are working on it – proven harder than we ever thought) we were able to get Ann Owens into a car so she and her daughter could have a little piece of their life back.  We are working on getting the rest of their life back. 
  • Sarwat -  Sarwat and her family should be moved into their new apartment this week – ending 4 weeks of living with family in New Jersey and commuting 45-60 minutes each way to school.  The Guenthers have been extraordinary in their support of Sarwat during their ordeal.  Our organization is ready to get them settled in. 
  • New Families – As word of our organization spreads we get more and more requests for help from families that were affected by the storm.  We have identified two more families that we will be helping and the website will be updated in the next few days with their bios. 
Fundraising highlights 
  • We have raised over $80,000 so far.  We are more than half way to our stated goal of $150,000. 
  •  One young girl, absent any provocation, announced that she would donate half the gifts she received at her bat mitzvah to one of our families.  Remarkable for such a young girl to embrace that spirit of giving
  • One family has asked that people forgo gifts for their one year old and make contributions to our organization instead.
  • We have received contributions from people in Australia, Europe and South America
  • We have gotten contributions from over 200 different people and sources

Check us out below – have a wonderful holiday season – please keep giving.  We will keep working to make sure your charity is put to good use.

The website is http://www.sandyfundsi.org
FB = http://www.facebook.com/pages/SI-Sandy-Relief-Fund/461706437203976
Twitter = @SandyFundSI 

As a reminder you can make a donation to one of our families directly on our website OR you can make a cash contribution by sending a check made payable to “SI Sandy Relief Fund”.  All checks should be mailed to

SI Sandy Relief Fund
c/o Nadine Vaiana
215 Deepbrook Rd.
Wyckoff NJ 07481

Thanks as always for your consideration. 


4/14/2013 09:32:32 pm

I will surely make a decent donation to one of the families directly. Thanks for the intimation.


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