Below is an email that Sue from the SI Sandy Relief received recently from Michelle Lombardo, the mother of one of the families we have been helping.

From: Michellebbl 
Date: January 9, 2013, 1:18:45 AM EST
To: sue@sandyfundsi.org
Subject: Thank you

"I would like to take the time to acknowledge The SI Sandy Relief Fund especially Sue ,Brad and Nadine  Vaiana for the donation to my family. Words can barely express the gratitude I have for you all. Hurricane Sandy ripped mine and my children's life apart, both physically and emotionally. We have lost mementos, that can never be replaced. We have lost costly essentials, most we cannot afford to replace. My children have been displaced from their home, their beds, toys, pets and their familiar surroundings. It has taken quite a toll on us, and we try to see a silver lining through it all. It is very difficult to do most days. The generosity of people through all of this has been quite overwhelming to say the least. One major expense weekly for us was a rental car. This was a necessity in order to travel back and forth to Oakwood Beach, our home, from our temporary housing at the Hotel. My son attends school there and I didn't want to disrupt his daily life any more than it has been. I also needed to check on my pets daily  who are staying with my Father who  lives three doors down from me and also lost  due to Sandy , keep on top of my home repair, etc. To be quite honest, my family would not have been able to afford the rental car for much longer nor would I have been able to purchase another vehicle since I am still making payments  on the truck that I watched float down my block.  When I received word from Sue  that her Brother in law Brad, a stranger  to me, was so moved by my situation that he wanted to give us his car I honestly could not believe it, I have little words.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me in my whole life.  Not only was the car a generous donation and great help  it also helped enlighten and lift our spirits about life in general.  The fact that this foundation and Brad wanted to relieve me of such a monetary burden brought me to tears. The days after Sandy were probably the darkest of our lives. But this gift has brought back some light. I know there are good and kind people out there now. And although I may never be able to do the same for another person, I will pay it forward somehow, in any way I can.  It has been along three months since Sandy walked into our lives… and even though my family lost so much I truly believe I have also gained so much from seeing the kind hearts of many people especially the The SI Sandy Relief Fund. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am. Love Always, Michelle"

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