When Hurricane Sandy invaded our house and 10 feet of water destroyed our first and second floors, our family was devastated with losing our safe haven and all of our belongings. Shortly after we reached out to various government agencies that promised to help victims of Sandy, but our entire plea fell short; we had encountered overwhelming red tape everywhere that left us more depressed and disappointed. Luckily, we had met our angels from “SI Sandy Relief Fund” that gave us moral and financial support, and most of all gave us hope, allowing us to believe again that we are not alone, we are not forgotten, that people still care, and are willing to help. After so much struggle and hardship we had endured for the past four months, with the financial help from this foundation, we were able to begin to re-build and are starting to put our lives back together piece by piece, “one nail at a time.” Thanks to these angels from “SI Sandy Relief Fund” we were able to warm up our house by re-building walls, floors, stairs, doors; all the essentials of the house that Sandy washed away. With the help of this foundation our house is beginning to look like HOME again; just a “Thank You,” is simply not enough to tell people that GAVE us what other’s JUST PROMISSED. It has been a long and painful road to recovery; it continues to be a daily challenge with so much physical, emotional, and financial struggle, yet at the end of the day when we walk through the front door and see construction, we are simply delighted and feel so lucky to have the support of this amazing foundation that allowed us to have that glimpse of happiness, to be back HOME. Our family is forever grateful for all your help and support in our most devastating times.


The Milman Family

8/23/2022 07:38:26 am

Loved reading this thanks


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