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From: Denise 
Date: Monday, March 11, 2013
Subject: Cammarata Thank You
To: carolyn@sandyfundsi.org

Please forward this letter to the fund. My grandfather died and I am sorry this letter was a little delayed. I know you are aware of our appreciation I just want the fund to also be aware of it. I know you asked me for a wish list and I will get you that I find it so hard asking for things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Denise Cammarata
Dear Sandy Relief Fund,
We want to express how truly honored we feel to have met such wonderful people. Through this ordeal we have felt so alone and forgotten, Your fund has reached out to us and truly touched our hearts. We met on Christmas Eve and we received such a generous gift  tickets to the Knicks game and gifts for our children. We had a great time at the Knicks game, at such a down time in our life this was such an uplifting experience that words can never explain. A couple of weeks ago Ian called to check in and see how we were making out. We explained to him that we moved home but we are living with the house in shambles. We have been trying to repair our home but it is a very slow and tedious process. We have been without a kitchen and the essential elements to lead a normal life. When I expressed this to Ian without hesitation Ian and the fund once again came to our rescue, his words to me were and I quote "we want you to be able to at least cook for your family we would like to get you  your appliances" I was so taken back from this, that my husband and I were brought to tears. Carolyn called me the next day and within 3 days we had the most beautiful appliances I could ever hope for. We now have a dishwasher, a stove and a refrigerator thanks to the generosity of the fund. We are so very blessed to have met you!!! Carolyn and Ian have really made me feel so comfortable they reach out to us and they make us know we are not alone. It is very hard to ask for things when you are not used to doing so. With our whole house destroyed this has been a very trying time for our family and thanks to the Sandy Fund we are able to make progress and regain some normalcy in our life. We still have a way to go but thanks to the Sandy Fund,  Ian and Carolyn we are on our way.
Much Love,
John and Denise Cammarata